Cinnamon Spice and everything nice


spicesCinnamon is a wonderful holiday spice. Did you also know its essential oil offers more benefits than simply smelling lovely?

1. Support your immune system by adding a drop or two on the feet or add to a foot bath.

2. Mix two drops with a carrier oil and apply to the stomach to calm occasional digestive spasms.

3. To repel flies, apply diluted cinnamon oil to exposed skin and dab on clothing. (This works on biting flies too!)

4. Diffuse cinnamon oil in your home or office. Many people report that it instantly lifts their mood.

5. Add a drop to potpourri in your home. Research has found that the scent can reduce drowsiness.

6. Use cinnamon oil to boost your immune system. In 2008, French researchers showed that in concentrations of 10% or less, cinnamon oil is effective at supporting healthy immune function.

7. Try diffusing it in your home during cold and flu season to keep your family healthy.

8. Use to guard against head lice. If you know it is going around your kids school, A great preventative treatment is to add 4 drops to 1 ounce vinegar and 1 ounce water. Use as a hair rinse. (Use extreme caution to not get in the eyes. Perform a skin patch test and use extra caution with children.)

9. Do you have cold feet at night? Add a drop to hot tea just before bed.

10. Having difficulty with concentration and focus? Diffuse a blend of 2 drops cinnamon, 2 drops rosemary and 5 drops lemon. Just smelling cinnamon has been shown to improve brain activity.
Use cinnamon oil to stimulate digestion.

11. Use cinnamon oil to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Add to a smoothie or use in cooking. It aids in the metabolic process by increasing the action of enzymes that break down food.

12. Feeling achy? Add a drop to carrier oil to relax tight muscles.
Avoid the chemical compound triclosan, which is common in antibacterial hand sanitizers. Instead, make your own with cinnamon oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus and rosemary combined with a carrier oil.

13. Use it to support healthy blood pressure.

14. Exercise too hard? Cinnamon to the rescue. According to research from the International Journal of Preventative Medicine, Women who consumed cinnamon daily experienced a decrease in muscle soreness from exercise.

15. Use to reduce period pain! Researchers from the Faculty of Nursing at Egypt’s Mansoura University found that massaging the abdomen with cinnamon 10 minutes a day for seven days prior to the start of menstruation helped with painful menses that were accompanied by heavy bleeding. Mix 1/5 parts cinnamon oil, 1.5 parts clove oil, 1 part lavender oil and 1 part rose oil. Dilute with sweet almond oil at 5% dilution.

16. Use it to treat bites and stings! Dilute 1 drop of cinnamon oil and one drop of lavender with a carrier oil.

17. Use it in cooking! Cinnamon Oil is “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the FDA. I like using a toothpick so I can control the amount easily.

18. Low Libido? Cinnamon oil is said to be an aphrodisiac. Try diffusing it in your room.

19. Add it to clean product to prevent mold and mildew.

Ready to try? Buy here and let’s stay in touch regarding how you used cinnamon!


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